Paint and Canvas, the way to go!

An artist's impression on canvas with paint. An excellent way to beutify your wall, and encourge deep thoughts.

But some people think electronic video art is on the cutting edge; wrong! And here's why;

power goes out= blank wall!

and even if your electronic image have to pay!

And worst of all; when you are looking at your electronic art, the electrionic art could be watching YOU!

The easel: A art tradition for hundreds of years!

To be an artist in the modern era, you need an easel. Here is Sablak with her portable field easel. But you need more! 

A traditional easel

A good studio easel

Of course, some go overboard...

Can Go Far, If They Know Who You Are!

Of course, people will view a person's art in the studio,at a gallery , or at an art show. But it is usually necessary to advertise also! There are many ways to advertise...

business cards

magazine ads

and of course, an internet site

Not quite a reality yet, but it could be!

Same Place, Different Views

A most popluar places for artists is of course the Grand Canyon. But every artist has their own view of the big canyon...

A traditional style

Some use an abstract syle

SABLAK prefers an impressionist style

Of course those with limited artistic ability (like your truly) have their own view of the canyon...

Different (paint) strokes for different folks!

Every artist has a favorite place to paint; although insperation can be found anywhere, artists have a go to place to create their art! 

VanGogh liked Provence

Monet liked Normandy...

Sablak-Korzec likes Zion National Park

No, this is not Warhol's favorite location...but it could be!

On the road

There are many places where you can find the perfect subject for painting. But you have to get there with your "stuff!" So here's how you can get it done:

The traditional method; foot power!

A customized fun truck can work...

A good old trailer can work

SABLAK prefers a good proven SUV to go en plein...

Maybe good to go to your opening but to go on-site to paint? No way!

Nature's beauty is the artist's way!

Plein air painting puts emphesis on nature and it's beauty. Flowers, mountains, water, etc., all are beautiful. And the artists' job is make a lasting impression of the image, as seen through the artist's eyes and mind!

So here are some worthy subjects for painting..

Like this

And this too is nature's beauty

Also nature's beauty

And this too is nature's...oh wait; it's definetly NOT!

It's not a figment, it's all about pigment!

What do you see here? Why, an impression of a beautiful flower of course. but on a technical level, it's paint! So where do artists get their paint? 

A high-end art store, run by and for professionals!

In a pinch, a craft deparment store 

A large art supply warehouse store

no, NO, NO!

Light makes right!

When painting en plein , an artist must be prepared to paint in any kind of light: 

early in the morning

at noon

paint at dusk

Of course there are limits...

On the road with Art

As the name indicates,Plein Air art is done outside, usually on location. So one must get out of the stuffy studio, and go to exotic places to paint! like this...

or this

or even this

and of course, one day...

“Your opus magnus must have the right canvas!”

Besides talent, an artist needs good supplies

Patricia SABLAK-Korzec prefers black gallery grade canvas

However, in a pinch, white or studio grade black canvas is OK

But there are limits to adequite canvas!

The True Artists' Credo

Paint them small

Or paint them big



 No plein, no gain! -P. Sablak

If you’ve seen la Boheme or other shows about artistes, you know what their studio is suppose to look like: an unheated garret, with minimal furnishings, rats in the walls, artists living on bread, and of course (cheap) wine.

HA!  That was then, this is now!


This is the 21st Century studio: Heated, (or more importantly in Southern California. air conditioned), Flat screen TV, and instead of rats, a vicious guard dog.

But some things never change in an artists studio.

That's right, there always is and always will be the color, creativity, and the vision of the artist!

Oh yes, and also the wine...


The writer is my significant other Tom, who will be coming up with new insights weekly.


(All photos are from the various studios the artist I have had over the years)